Friendshake wants to end the solitude brought by the digital world by allowing people to find new, like-minded friends in their local area. Users enter their likes and dislikes, and Friendshake’s algorithm shows them a list of local people who share their interests. Users can then contact them privately or have public conversations about what they have in common.

Friendshake was actually co-founded by Jorge and Marvin, Kiticow founders, back in 2014. We learnt a lot – the hard way – and what we learnt inspired us to create Kiticow. You can read the full story here.

Friendshake launched in the University of Portsmouth’s 2014 Fresher’s Fayre, and acquired over 1500 sign-ups in the first two days. Friendshake now has over 8,000 users worldwide.

Kudos to Friendshake’s original founder and front-end developer, Julio Loayza, and Carlos Navalón and Sonia López, co-founders and graphic designers, now part of Kiticow’s network of trusted professionals.

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