Barbershapp is a mobile app to seamlessly connect Barbers with their customers, to allow them to maximise their schedules and save customers time.

Barbershapp began working with Kiticow after previous attempts to work with developers had failed. They already understood the concept of developing their idea in small iterations and trialling it in the marketplace, yet they couldn’t find a company willing and able to manage the project in this way.

Kiticow however, understood exactly what they were looking for and how to execute it. Partnering with Barbershapp, Kiticow helped them to identify the assumptions within their idea and create a Minimum Viable product to test the assumptions.

Barbershapp’s app is now used by 140+ barbers in a closed-beta programme, and is being used to receive valuable insights and develop the app in line with actual customer usage.

Jide Ladipo Co-Founder, Barbershapp
Before discovering Kiticow we were wasting time and money by hiring our own developers and trying to manage the process ourselves. Kiticow have completely changed this, giving us peace of mind, and helping us navigate the process. We now have a closed beta version of our project that’s gaining market feedback, and are confident the information we receive will ensure we develop a successful app. Kiticow are more than developers. They are a vital part of our team.
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